Welcome to Talent Identification (TID), the home of youth scouting for U.S. Soccer.

Talent Identification is responsible for developing scouts to find the best worldwide soccer talent the U.S. has to offer. We are committed to expanding and improving our scouting network through accessible and holistic education, age appropriate identification, and club outreach. Developing the scouting network enables us to grow the Youth National Team player pool and find youth players with the most talent and potential to build the bright future of U.S. Soccer.

  • What is Talent?
    Talent is systematically developed skills that enable you to do a task in the top 10%. While genetics and a natural aptitude to excel influence talent, it is NOT innate, and can be developed in the right environment.
  • What is Potential?
    Potential is the qualities or abilities that may be developed to lead to future success or application. It is a measure of achievement beyond the current game performance level. Scouting youth players is to predict their future success.

Philosophy and Mission

Our Mission: To identify top talents for the U.S. Youth National Teams program.

Our Philosophy: 
  • Talent can be developed.
  • Clubs must drive talent identification in their communities through networking.
  • Identification and examination must happen within the context of the game.
  • Players develop at different rates and their performance trajectory is non-linear.
  • Talent Identification is a process with long-term objectives influenced by chronological, relative and biological age.
  • Scouts must use a common observational structure and speak the same club/U.S. Soccer language.
  • Making connections with all communities.
  • A gender-neutral approach when possible and gender-specific approach when needed.

Talent Identification Staff

Our staff based at U.S. Soccer headquarters in Chicago, along with our team of regional Talent Identification Managers in their respective markets, support a network of 200+ scouts across the world. You can reach us using the contact information below. 

Technical Staff

Tony Lepore
Director of Talent Identification – Boys

Mirelle Van Rijbroek

Director of Talent Identification – Girls

Boys Talent Identification Managers



Garrett Biller


Cris da Silva


Henry Brauner

Girls Talent Identification Managers



Katie Cole


Diane Drake


Marieke Laurens

Administrative Staff

Jackie Peszynski
Talent Identification Coordinator

Cody Franz
Talent Identification Associate

Tina Cardamone
Talent Identification Associate

Contact us
Email: scouting@ussoccer.org
Phone: (312) 808-1300
Address:  U.S. Soccer Federation
Talent Identification Department
1801 S. Prairie Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616